Breakfast Tray "Polka" - Shirley Grant, Belmont GC
Blue Ribbon

"Cha-Cha"Betsy Klein-Belmont GC Blue Ribbon


TANGO - Creative Design by Mary Olson,

Sugar Loaf GC  Blue Ribbon

Viennese Waltz - Design by Roslyn Reynolds, Blue Ridge GC  Marie Stevens Wood Trophy (Council Award) for  Most Outstanding Artistic design and

Peoples'    Choice Award

 Barbara Catron-Belmont GC - Award of Horticulture Excellence

Miniature Designs  "Limbo" "Disco" and "Cha-Cha" 

Vienn The MINUET - Traditional design by Joanne Bolling, Blue Ridge GC
Blue Ribbon and Designer's Choice Award

Viennese Waltz - Traditional Design by Karen Craig,

Blue Ridge GC   Blue Ribbon

Horticulture Division

Exhibition Table Type I "Jive" - Glynis Hopkins, Belmont GC
Table Artistry Award Blue Ribbon


Functional Table "Foxtrot" - Tracy Tuttle, Sugar Loaf GC Blue Ribbon

DISCO - Miniature Design by Pat Carswell, Calfee GC
            Blue Ribbon and Award of Design Excellence

Evergreens (Conifers)

Betty Ann Hyssong, Garden Thyme GC,   Blue Ribbon

Pat Carswell, Calfee GC,  Blue Ribbon